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FlyAFG is your one-stop shop for booking flights to and from Afghanistan! Whether you’re returning home, embarking on a new adventure, or exploring business opportunities, FlyAFG offers a convenient and efficient way to find the perfect flight.


focusing on preserving and promoting Afghan folklore. We are offering a platform for e-books containing traditional Afghan stories passed down through generations. Teflana will also function as an educational platform for Afghan students, providing online courses and resources. Students can earn rewards through assignments, and the platform will connect them with qualified Afghan teachers for online classes.


Afghan2Afghan fosters a supportive network that bridges the gap between Afghans in need and those abroad who can help.


Kaar is a powerful tool for empowering Afghan talent and fostering a global network of skilled professionals. By connecting Afghan freelancers with international businesses, Jalghuza aims to bridge the gap and unlock exciting opportunities for both parties.

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